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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Note: some of these questions/answers relate to the physical Marilyn Songs CD which is currently not in stock/production and/or available to purchase. BUT if you NEED a CD, contact us and we'll see if we can help J


Q: Do the songs come with lyrics?
A: We don't offer lyric sheets at this time. However, the lyrics are readily available on the Internet. The arrangements of these songs are true to the original versions on the Marilyn Monroe albums: "Never Before & Never Again" & "The Magic Collection".


Q: Why don't they come with lyrics?
A: The cost of licensing the lyrics in addition to the music would make the cost of this CD prohibitive to you the consumer.


Q: I only need a few of these songs. Can I just download individual songs?

A: We are sorry that we cannot offer custom downloads for you. Our licensing agreement prohibits selling these songs separate from this particular album format. The only exception is the "Drums Intro" (the 1st cut) because it is Botielus' own composition.


Q: When will you release Volume 2?
A: There is no set date at this time. We will be notifying everyone who purchases Volume 1 when Volume 2 is released.


Q: What songs will be on Volume 2?
A: That has not yet been determined. Please feel free to make a request. Songs that receive the most requests are more likely to be done first. Each song took an average of 35 hours for Botielus to complete, so your particular request might not be done immediately unless he is commissioned specifically.


Q: Can I pay Botielus to record a song not here?
A: YES! Just let us know what song and he will send a price (probably between $250-$500 though!)

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