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Sonic details & Instrumentation

Botielus arranged the music and performed the songs on his KORG T3 EX, Roland SC55, & Roland MC50 (just 2 synthesizers & a sequencer!)

If you have any specific questions not covered in the FAQ area, please feel free to ask

Click here for original compositions by Botielus


Each CD was individually handmade. (probably sold out now)
"Marilyn Songs ~ Volume 1" is a limited edition run of CD-Rs.

Recordable CDs (CD-Rs) play on most CD players, but some older players won't play them. New equipment will! 

If you want an actual CD, contact us, and we'll see about

getting a batch made :-)


Half a minute of va-va-voom drums as your intro
(Grabs their attention before you even make your grand entrance!)

Backing male voices for "Babba-daddas" on "Daddy"
(A girl can only handle so many "babba-dabbas" by herself)

An extra measure added to the beginning of "Diamonds"
(More time to sashay on stage!)

No long instrumental in the middle of "Loved by You"
(Your audience wants to hear you sing!)

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