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I had a hard time finding MM backing tracks, and the few I did find bore little resemblance to the originals.
These excellent tracks by Botielus made my performances sparkle like diamonds!
~ Cybele as Marilyn Mirage * retired Marilyn Monroe tribute artist *

Hi Cybele. Thank you sooo much for the CD. I got it today. I was so impressed with the quality of the CD and the quality of the tracks. The arrangements are true to the real score and the quality of the instruments is great. The timing of the tracks are all true to the originals. A great $30 spent. May I thank you personally for sharing your tracks with me. That is so lovely of you. You must be a great tribute artist if you have those quality tracks to accompany you. That is real attention to detail! Also thank you for sending it out to me so quick. You are both stars. May I wish you lots of success in 2004. Hope one day I get to see you in person. Kind Regards, Love
~ Suzie * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

Wow, my hat's off to Botielus.
(Actually I'm inside and not wearing one but if I was it would be off right now.)
Excellent arrangements. Very well done. Much better than the karaoke garbage that some imps use.
~ Bill Bibo * "Hall of Kings" webmaster

I just listened to "MarilynSongs" today. My, there is an excellent pianist on these recordings.
It was so nice to hear "My heart belongs to Daddy" as it's supposed to be played instead of the way it evolved into something totally else through the "Legends" primordial time tunnel stew soup kitchen sink scatter shot system of musical renditionizing. ackk ... what a tongue twister did tongue twisting get such bad name. In some circles I'm sure it might be considered quite intriguing! Nowadays..anything goes though, doesn't it?
~ Barbara * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

Botielus arrangements ROCK!!!! Especially My Heart Belongs to Daddy!
(Which is crying to be performed in tights and a sweater with dancers as in Let's Make Love)!!!!
So much better than the pocket songs version. I never liked their Diamonds either and much preferred Monster Karaoke's version...until I heard those awesome drums in Botielus version!
Way to go!!! Whooo hoooo! Thank Botielus for me!
By the way, people rave and rave about his talent! Give that man a big smooch from me!
It's wonderful, so nice to have new material!!!
I premiered "After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It",
and after I got want I wanted I still wanted it! It's a really fun song to perform; very high energy!
It was great! Thank Botielus again for me!!! I am recommending him to everyone I can think of!!!!
~ Karen * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! The sound is amazing.
It's beautiful and Botielus does a wonderful job. Holy Cow!
Yippee! I'm lovin' this! Thank you very much, it sounds SUPER!!! Just like the original!
I think I want whatever else you've got now for MM songs, I'm hooked!!!
Thanks again, you guys are great! Botielus is a very good musician!
~ Janet * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

Thank YOU!!!!! I have been looking for you for years.
~ Malissa * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

The idea of a CD with background tracks of Marilyn songs is a coooool idea.
The quality of the musical arrangements and performance and the recording is excellent
for use by professional tribute artists and it's also perfect for amateurs
or anyone who wants to sing along as Marilyn to impress their friends or just have fun.
The music is excellent. Botielus is very good!
~ Danamo * Marilyn Monroe expert

I am very impressed with this CD. The songs are instantly recognizable.
Even an amateur like myself could follow along with ease.
I especially loved My Heart Belongs to Daddy! I can't wait for Volume 2!
~ Melinda * Marilyn Monroe fan / collector

I received your fabulous CD!! Thanks a million to you and Botielus for creating more songs for us tribute
artists. The karaoke market just doesn't understand a blonde with more songs, means more fabulousness!
I especially love When Love Goes Wrong Nothing Goes Right. Where else would you be able to find such an adorable song that no-one ever thinks to include on a Marilyn music CD! Can't wait to see Volume 2!
~ Jami * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

You have relieved me of a lot of stress about the lousy CDs they have out there for Marilyn.
Thanks very, very much. I am ever so grateful! Good luck, and keep in touch with anything that is new.
~ Cynthia * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

I was so very impressed with this CD.
The musical arrangements are lovely, and kept true to Marilyn's music.
The sound is just beautiful and the quality is impeccable.
It arrived in the color of the case I asked for and it arrived promptly and in perfect condition.
If you enjoy karaoke and sing a longs, or if you are a tribute artist for Marilyn, this is a great CD to get.
You will really enjoy it and have lots of fun with it.
~ Rhonda * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

Received the CD yesterday and have to say it's fabulous and having lots of fun with it.
I had a singalong whilst I was cooking dinner last night and I was chopping onions to "Runnin Wild,"
dicing chicken to "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend,"
serving dinner to my hungry six year old to "After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It",
then prepared a little dessert for my husband to "I Wanna Be Loved By You"!!!!!!!!! Haaaaa!!!!!!
Thanks Cybele and many thanks to to the very talented Botielus!!!
~ Laura * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

Cybele and Botielus are making headlines-once again!
You have to get the new CD Cybele and Botielus just completed!
My favorite song is "File Claim". You will have to listen to all of the Marilyn songs to pick out "Your" favorite.
I was also impressed by the 36 second introductory drum solo by Botielus.
It's as if he's expecting Marilyn to do a striptease. Tee Hee! So, get the CD now!
~ Amy * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

Hi Cybele, I got the Marilyn CD on Monday. I'm very happy with the music and learning more Marilyn songs! I really love "I'm Gonna File That Claim", "After You Get What You Want" and "I Wanna Be Loved By You". The drum intro is also very cute. I can't wait for the next CD! I'm always looking for ways to improve my performance.
~ Heidi * Marilyn Monroe tribute artist

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